Services and Fees

Services include:

  • Gift reminder notices to trustor(s)
  • Proper gifting process documentation
  • Draft and send Crummey notifications
  • Premium payment and receipt
  • Ongoing policy monitoring
  • Inform trustees and trustor(s) of trust activities requiring their attention
  • Trust Document Safekeeping (when originals delivered to Premium Administration, LLC)
    Q&A information source for trustees and trustor(s)
  • Assistance with adding and changing policies


Account opening fee for a new trust:   $650

  • Collect/Review/Input Documentation
  • Review the Irrevocable Trust Agreement
  • Review insurance policies
  • Set up the beneficiary, trustor(s) and trustee data in our database

    At account opening additional charges for Crummey notices or other work needed may apply.

Gift activity fee:   

Premium Administration, LLC invoices per gift activity. The activity fee depends upon the complexity of the trust, number of beneficiaries and the amount and type of trust assets.

For example, one non-complex trust, with a single policy (face value less than $3 million), up to 3 trust beneficiaries, and no special handling, the fee per gift is $350.

Special discounts may apply for multiple trusts.

For a estimate specific to your trust situation our estimate request form is available or you can contact us directly.

Other fees:

Will be quoted based on expertise required and scope of work needed.  




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