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Premium Administration, LLC was conceived in 1997.

A prominent estate planning attorney and a corporate trust officer were meeting to discuss some business matters for their existing clients. Coincidentally, there were several trust issues with the same problem: the lack of a qualified and reasonably priced administrative service solution for their irrevocable life insurance trusts.

The trust officer wanted to provide an affordable solution, but the emphasis on client services offered by her company included asset management and full trusteeship, not a specialty administrative niche in life insurance trusts. Only if each of the attorney’s clients were interested in opening a full service trust account would the company be willing to accept responsibility for the irrevocable trust component of the estate plan. If the corporate trustee agreed to accept an irrevocable trust, the fee for service would be priced in consideration of full trustee liability and management models. In other words, most corporate trustee potential solutions for irrevocable trust administration were still quite highly priced.

They decided to do something about this situation, that very day, and the result is Premium Administration, LLC.

Premium Administration, LLC provides economical assistance to your independent trustee. We develop, and continually seek to improve our standardized processes. Our intent is to facilitate easy and stress free irrevocable trust administration. Our objective is to be the best administrative service provider.

Since inception, we have accepted and administered 100’s of irrevocable trusts. We have trustor(s), trustees and beneficiaries across the United States. We gain new clients primarily through referrals from estate planning attorneys, tax accountants, life insurance and financial planning professionals, our existing clients, and corporate trustees seeking a way to help their clients without jeopardizing their ultimate trustee relationship.

Premium Administration, LLC never acts as a trustee, only as an administrative agent for your independent trustee. Most clients use a sibling, a professional advisor, a business partner or associate, or a responsible adult beneficiary as their independent, non-professional trustee. It is the independent trustee who formally hires us.

Premium Administration, LLC never deposits your gift funds into a pooled account or corporate account. We never take possession in any way of client trust assets. We facilitate the independent trustee to accept gifts and pay premiums.

Premium Administration, LLC makes it possible for your independent trustee to successfully administer your trusts. Contact us and see how we can help you.


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