Privacy Policy collects no personally identifiable information other than information you choose to submit to us via email or on-line forms.

Premium Administration, LLC maintains and continues to gather information considered “nonpublic”, but which is required for us to fulfill our duties on behalf of our clients. All information we collect is deemed confidential and will not be disclosed except under the following circumstances:

  • We may disclose personal information in those special circumstances where we believe that its disclosure is required, or permitted, by law, such as complying with legal subpoenas, or requests by taxing authorities or fiduciaries, current or future, of the accounts we administer.
  • The information is required to complete a transaction for the account or on behalf of the account fiduciary.
  • You specifically request us to share your information with a third party

We maintain policies and practices that protect the security and confidentiality of our customer’s information:

  • Access to customer records is restricted to employees deemed to have a need for the information to perform their job duties.
  • Maintenance of protection of information through security-enhancing software, such as anti-virus software, and password protections.
  • Physical security of our office.
  • Backup and Recovery Procedures

It is our commitment to always meet the highest legal and ethical standards in the conduct of our business. We will always work to meet both the letter and the intent of the law in all matters surrounding customer privacy issues.

If you have any concerns regarding our Privacy Policy please contact us.


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