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Family Issues and Estate Planning Objectives/Stories
Tax references
Considering a philanthropic gift?
Legal and Drafting references
General Interest

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Family Issues and Estate Planning Objectives:

The Bankrate website has a variety of information including a net worth calculator and a calculator estimating how much estate tax might be due.

A Historical Perspective on estate taxes can be found at the Heritage Site.

The IRS has a page a page dedicated to Estate & Gift Taxes.

How much life insurance to purchase is always a question with estate planning. Life has a Life Insurance Needs Calculator for this purpose.

Are you thinking about being the Family executor or trustee? Check out this article from Estate Planning answers on things to consider.

Check out this article on how an ILIT can benefit your Estate Plan.

Have a small business? Check out this article from SCORE on developing a succession plan.

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The Tax History Museum is an interesting place to visit.

The IRS web site is a great resource to answer tax questions, download forms, get a TIN and pretty much anything related to taxes. In particular, the IRS has a page dedicated to Estate & Gift Taxes with an FAQ section.

Thers is also an 2007 OTA paper from the US Deptartment of the Treasury on The Federal Gift Tax: History, Law, and Economics.

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Considering a philanthropic gift?

The Arizona Community Foundation has information about local arizona charities.

GuideStar provides information on the financial stewardship of charities.

The Chronicle of Philanthropy provides updates on the charitable community.

Giving USA web site has information on charitable contributions in the US.

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Legal and Drafting Issues:

Keyt Law Firm web site has a host of articles and ideas on business and estate planning.

American College of Trust and Estate Counsels

Affiliation of Estate Planning Professionals

Leimberg Information Services is a subscription based service providing a compendium of tax, estate, retirement and business information.

Arizona government supreme court web site is useful for looking up Arizona attorneys.

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Associations of Estate Planning Professionals:

National Association of Estate Planners and Councils

Central Arizona Estate Planning Council is local organization comprised of estate planning professionals.

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General Interest:

AARP has resources and money calculators.

Warren Buffet discusses his charitable gifting in this article.



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